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I take a positive, strengths based approach to evaluations. I see the assessment as a wonderful opportunity to boost the self-confidence of children, adolescents and young adults and increase their awareness of their abilities. The assessment can provide concrete information about strengths and challenges to help individuals reach their potential. It can be encouraging to have strengths clearly identified and it is often relieving to have challenging areas clarified so helpful strategies can be implemented. I believe the impact of any challenge can be lessened with awareness and assistance.

In conducting evaluations, I use psychological tests, behavior rating scales, observations and interview questions and gather impressions from people who know the child well to develop a picture of how the child is functioning. I tailor the evaluation to the needs of the individual and convey the results in a way that seems most helpful. For example, I may use a visual aid to map out the patterns in the scores, if that seems helpful. I also provide the results and recommendations in a written report so you can reference it as needed. My goal is that the information you gain from the evaluation is understandable, encouraging and easy to use moving forward.