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How do I check what my insurance will pay for evaluations?

If you would like to bill your insurance, I encourage you to call your insurance company and ask what your plan will cover for psychological testing (CPT code 96101), interviewing (CPT code 90791) and follow up sessions (CPT codes 90837 and 90847) with an out-of-network psychologist and whether there is a deductible or a need for pre-authorization for services.

What can be gained from evaluations?

Assessments allow the examination of a wide array of concerns including cognitive processing skills like attention, memory, executive functioning and processing speed. It provides information about social, emotional and behavioral functioning. Testing can also provide information about a child’s academic skills such as reading writing and math abilities. It can clarify complex concerns and shed light on areas that are not easily observed. We can tailor the evaluation to suit your needs. Once I interpret the evaluation results I provide recommendations, which include specific strategies and accommodations that are relevant for the child. Evaluations can help in the process of determining eligibility for Special Education services and accommodations on the SATs and ACTs, like extended time on testing.

What do I tell my child about the evaluation appointment?

I believe it is best to present it in a positive fashion. For example, you could explain that he or she will be meeting with someone to get to know how he or she learns including strengths and that I come up with ideas on strategies to use his or her strengths to help areas that may be difficult. I often let children know that I wish everyone could participate in an evaluation because the information is so empowering and helpful to know. While some children initially feel unsure about the process and meeting with a new person, once we get started, children typically have a good time with the activities we do together (such as working with blocks and finding patterns in pictures).